Computer Repair Services

Small business, home and home office users Serving the Colorado Springs and the Fountain Valley

Hardware installs and upgrades

  • Hard drives
  • RAM
  • Processors
  • PCI cards
  • DVD/CD-ROMs/burners
  • External storage

Operating System Diagnostics

  • Security errors
  • Spyware infestation
  • Patches and service packs
  • Virus infections
  • Fragmented hard drives
  • File sharing
  • System crashes
  • Driver installs

Networking Services

  • Wired and wireless networking
  • DSL and cable installation
  • FAX solutions

Anti-threat Services

  • Virus removal and protection
  • Spyware removal and protection
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Digital ID theft prevention

Website Services

  • Domain registration and maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Express website design using WordPress

These are our Computer Repair Services