Here are some good computer habits!

Keep your Operating System up to date.
1. Ensure you have the latest Windows updates installed. Type into search Windows Update. Click on Check for Updates. Windows update may ask you to download and install the latest version of itself. Go ahead and do that, then click Close when it’s finished, and then Continue. It will then check again for real updates and offer those.

Ensure that your anti-virus and anti-malware programs are up to date.
1. Most of the time these programs will update on their own. Just make sure they are and that a scan is run about once every week or two. This is important and can often be automated by scheduling within the program.

Regularly remove temporary internet files
1. I would set Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome to just not remember history and or to delete Temporary Internet Files on exit. If you have websites you want to remember add them to your favorites or Bookmark them.
2. Download CCLeaner – It is a more robust cleaner of these files than using settings in the browsers. It can be found here http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner

Back. Up. Your. Data. Just do it!
1. I have been telling customers this for years. I often hear they know they should but they haven’t. Please, buy an external hard drive and set a regularly scheduled backup.

Remove unused programs from your computer
1. First look through your All Programs list and identify old or unused programs
2. Many of them will have an uninstall right there use it.
3. If they do not go to your Control Panel and then Programs and Features
4. They will be listed alphabetically. Select the program you want to remove by clicking on it.
5. Once it is highlighted you can click on uninstall at the top of the window

Physically clean out your computer
1. Clean out the inside of your computer with canned air.
2. This should be done at least once a year if not every 6 months.
3. It isn’t hard. Remove the side of the case and start blowing out the dust – DO THIS OUTSIDE!

De-clutter desktop and your files
1. I have seen desktops completely filled with shortcuts and can’t figure out how you find anything.
2. If nothing else organize them. Create folders on your desktop and place similar items in each folder such as all word documents or all pdf’s or maybe by a category.
3. At least get it so you can see the desktop background picture.

Reboot your computer at least once a week. Enough said

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